Whether you are in Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, or any other DAW, you can send files to us! The goal is to make your files sound the same as the rough mix you already have. This way of sending files may take you 20 minutes but it will ensure a better mix in the end. To start preparing your song for mix, follow the instructions below!


  1. Bounce out your rough mix from your DAW so that it can be used as a reference (mp3 format is perfectly fine).

  2. Create a folder anywhere on your computer (for example, your Desktop). This is where you will place your song files. Label it with your song’s title.

  3. In this folder, you will have ten subfolders. Create them in this order:

    1. Kicks

    2. Main Snares/Claps

    3. Other Drums (such as hi hats, percussion, etc.)

    4. Basses (such as 808, Bass Line)

    5. Electric Guitars

    6. Acoustic Guitars

    7. Synths

    8. Music (anything melodic that is not a guitar, synth, or bass instrument)

    9. Lead Vocals

    10. Background Vocals (such as adlibs and stacks)

    11. Rough Mix

      Click HERE to download a pre-organized folder with the included subfolders to arrange your .wav files.

  4. If you have a limiter on your master bus, remove it.

  5. Solo one track and bounce out the song as a .wav file (24bit, 44.1kHz), naming the bounce with the same name as whatever track you have soloed. For example, if bouncing out a track named “Kick,” solo the track, bounce it and name your bounce “Kick.” Repeat this process track by track until all tracks in your session have been bounced out.

    Bounce all your stems with their effects (for example, panning, reverb and delay). We do not add effects or panning.

  6. Place the bounced .wav files into their correct subfolders, which you created in Step 2. (Don’t forget to place your rough mix from Step 1 into its folder as well!)

  7. Zip the main folder.

  8. Upload that .zip file to the internet, using your preferred method (Google Drive, WeTransfer, Box, Dropbox).

  9. Email a link to your .zip to Include Song Title and Artist Name in the subject line.

If you have any additional questions about how to send your files correctly, email